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Helping Hens Farm aims to make a positive impact by diverting waste otherwise destined for the landfill and using it to feed animals, soil, and people. 

At the center of it all is the humble chicken. 

Diverted food waste serves as the chicken's primary feed, taking the place of industrially farmed grains shipped long distances. 

Whatever food waste isn't eaten by the flock is mixed with chicken manure, diverted organic materials like cardboard and paper, plus plenty of other natural "browns" and "greens" such as leaves, weeds, and grass clippings to make rich compost. 

The chickens spend their days working the compost, eating food waste, bugs, and worms while turning and aerating the compost. 

The chicken then lay healthy, fresh eggs that we collect and, through partnerships with local organizations who help those in need, get them into the hands of hungry people who need them most. 

Helping Hens Farm hopes to do a lot of good within a very small footprint. Our entire farm operation takes up only about 7,500 sq. feet! 


 Our Impact 

2022 Eggs Donated: 

2021 Eggs Donated: 

2020 Total Eggs Donated: 

All-Time Total Eggs Donated: 

292 Dozen / 3,504 Eggs

913 Dozen / 10,956 Eggs

223 Dozen / 2,676 Eggs

1,448 Dozen / 17,376 Eggs

As of 8/5/2022


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