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A Big Day: 50+ Baby Chicks Arrive

It was a big week at Helping Hens Farm! On Wednesday, we dropped off 9 1/2 dozen eggs to the food pantry to bring our annual total to 119. Again, year zero is proving better than I could have dreamed from the donation perspective.

Thursday morning, I got a call early from our local post office - our 50+ baby chicks had arrived!

Ever since we picked up the coop back in January, the plan has been to fill it with baby chicks in late summer, who would grow up to be food waste devouring, compost turning, worm loving machines of "greenness".

When they start laying (January? February?), we'll officially be in "Year One" of Helping Hens Farm.

It will be fun to watch these little girls grow up over the coming months. For now, though, they're fun little fuzzballs of cuteness!

The flock is brooding right in the big coop that will be their forever home. We strung some chicken wire across to enclose them in a small area near the entryway, put down some cardboard, a tarp, and some shavings. They have a nice warm light and plenty of chick feed and water. They seem very happy so far!

I will tell you, though...that setup was a LOT harder to make happen one-handed...and with my left hand, no less. This broken forearm is cramping my style, big time!

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