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Chicken Compost Flower Bed

In order to move the big coop in the back run, I need to dig up a number of years of deep litter to get to solid ground between the coop and the gate.

That meant scraping up the layer of leaves off the top and throwing it on the compost pile. Underneath is a truly beautiful layer of deep, rich compost. In general, the layer of compost was a solid 6 inches deep on top of the native soil.

To use some of this compost, I built a simple raised bed out of some 4 x 4 x 8 posts. The new bed runs along the new fence that was installed in front the big mobile coop.

Planted into bed are some morning glory seed (that should climb the fence nicely if they prosper) and some mint seed. Mint is a natural fly repellent and generally smells nice.

Hopefully, the bed flourishes. If it doesn't, it will be my mediocre green thumb, not the quality of the growing medium. The worm load in this compost was truly staggering.

Even with the flock standing around me while I pitchforked the material into the wheel barrow picking off any many worms as they could, the number of worms that made it into the garden bed was a testament to just how fertile a growing medium we have.

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