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Donation 4: A Mid-April Truck full

Did what I now feel I can call my "regular" Friday drop off of eggs and pick up of food waste today.

Only had 2 dozen eggs to drop off, but picked up an entire pickup truck FULL of food waste, and actually had to leave some there because I couldn't fit it all. This load was very little fresh produce or bread, and more crackers and the like. So, lot's of packages to open, but lots of good stuff.

Part of the load was about 6 half gallons of out of code but not yet gross milk. This afternoon the kids and I opened about 5 buckets worth of crackers and the like and then poured the milk over them. I fed one to the flock tonight, and will give the other four tomorrow. The milk not only softens up the dry crackers to make them easier for the chickens to eat, but it gives them a little nutrient boost from the milk.

They also had some egg cartons for me. As we get more laying hens I'm thinking this will be a really great relationship...we can help with more and more eggs, and they seem to have a steady supply of food waste and some egg cartons as a bonus.

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