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Goat Pen Building II

I took the Friday before Memorial Day off - not to relax, but to complete the goat run.

We started out by installing the part of the perimeter fence that overlaps the goat run. This is the back of the property that abuts woods. You can see the edge of the woods and the rest of the roll of fence that will continue along behind the big mobile coop and the existing chicken run. It's 5 foot tall welded wire, which should give us good border security to keep our animals in and unwanted animals out.

Next up was installation of two pallet gates. The one in the top picture goes between the goat pen and the chicken run, and the one below is between the goat pen and the yard. I'm not a strong measurer, so you can see my scrap wood "gap close" work on the gate below.

After the gates were in, I fashioned a couple temporary hay feeders, one inside the goat house, and one outside.

The last step was re-using some of the old welded wire perimeter fence on the spots that don't have permanent welded wire fence. This was to keep the baby goats in until they're too big to squeeze through the cattle panels. The exterior gate also got some wire over it, as those slats are a little far apart.

Wow, what a project! It's good that it got done, though, as later in the day, the occupants arrived!

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