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Goat House: A Used Calf Hutch

We've been planning the addition of the goats for a while, in fact, we bought their "house", which is a used calf hutch, back in mid-February.

After researching whether to build or buy a house for the goats, we settled on trying to find a calf hutch.

The problem, though, is that we don't exactly live in "cow country". A new hutch runs $250 plus, plus significant shipping from the Midwest.

Then, the magic of Craigslist saved us. We found a used calf hutch up in Foster, RI for only $100. It's a little dinged up, but for that price, we jumped on it.

This was back in mid-February, but thankfully we got a relatively mild day. Instead of big bucks for shipping, it was a nice truck ride into the country.

I did end up buying lunch on the way home, so I guess shipping wasn't FREE, but it was far nicer than paying big dollars for long-distance shipping.

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