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Leghorn Chicks Move to Outdoor Coop

We were cleaning the brooder today and decided it was time for the twelve leghorn chicks out into an outdoor coop.

We picked them up two weeks ago at Tractor Supply (post) and they were supposedly a week old. I think they may have been a little older than that even, as they're already more or less completely feathered out.

So, today they went out into a coop we had that wasn't really getting used. We got it for for free last year from some friends of ours that didn't need it anymore.

Some fresh shavings, water, feed, and a 100 watt light (to keep the nighttime chill away), and the girl's have a little more space to stretch their wings (and we have a lot less dust in the spare room).

Here's a shot of the outside of the coop, with one of our polish chickens checking out the new neighbors.

You'll notice the polish is looking in the doorway at the chicks. I zip-tied a old grill grate over the existing doorway to improve ventilation, light, and to let the chicks and existing flock start to get used to each other.

Here's a close up of the grate with a view into the feed and water.

The chicks will be in the coop for a few more weeks before we start to let them out in the run to explore.

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