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Outdoor Nesting Boxes

You may recall that when I bought the big mobile coop back in January, it came with 3 10-box nesting setups installed, and a 4th that wasn't installed. There really wasn't any extra space in the coop to install the extra nesting boxes, and we didn't really NEED 40 nesting boxes in the coop, so it was "extra".

In the interest of giving the existing flock as many options for nesting as they'd like, I decided to install the "extra" nesting boxes outside in the run. I bought a few cinder blocks to hold up the boxes. I then secured the boxes to the side of the shed to keep them from toppling over. To finish up, we zip-tied some scrap wood to replace a broken roost.

So far (a few days in), nobody has laid in the boxes, but hope springs eternal that they'll eventually take advantage of the extra laying space.

It is late July in Rhode Island and it has been HOT! The nesting box project, processing some food waste, and a little compost work and I was beat! Hopefully we get some decent weather to help move a few more projects along soon!

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