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Passing Last Year's Donation Total & Buckets

Today is April 13th. We dropped off 23 dozen eggs at the food pantry today. Those 23 dozen put us at 237 dozen donated for 2021. That put us past the 223 dozen we donated in ALL of 2020.

The hard work we put in in "year zero" in 2020 are paying big dividends in 2021, setting us up for a LOT of donations now that all the hens we added in 2020 are laying.

I'll be posting soon about springtime projects we'll be starting around the farm to continue to grow and refine our approach.

One small project that finally got taken care of was painting our name on 20 five gallon buckets. I had purchased the 20 buckets and lids, and a stencil with our farm name back in February. The wait for a weekend day that was dry enough, warm enough, and not too windy was lengthy. Finally this last weekend we had a good day, so I got to spray painting. Did the buckets come out perfect? Far from it good enough so it's clear who's buckets they are? Absolutely.

What will we use the buckets for? I'll bring half of them with me on my next food waste pickup. I'm hoping they can use the buckets instead of trash bags to put the food waste into. That should make it easier to carry, easier to process, and most importantly, it should generate a LOT less plastic waste each week than using the bags.

I'll bring the other half of the buckets when I go to pick up the full buckets, and leave them for next pickup. I'll rinse the buckets, and repeat.

One of the flaws of the system is how messy working with the bags has been, and how much plastic waste was coming through. Hopefully, this improves things a bit!

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