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Ramping Back Up...

I haven't posted in a bit, mostly because the broken arm has slowed things down for the last couple of months. 6 weeks in a cast and a couple more ramping back up later though, and we're starting to get back into projects. The broken arm made just the basic operations difficult, so it's nice to get back to building.

The young flock has taken the time grow up quite a bit, and are now ready to get outside and start enjoying scratching and pecking around in the dirt.

During one of our scrap wood pickups, I came across this ready-made ramp (pictured standing up against a coop). This last weekend we cut it to length and mounted it on the big coop to give the small flock easy access in and out of their coop.

The ready made ramp couldn't have worked out better, and saved a lot of time and lumber purchases. Plus, is kept more "waste" out of the landfill, always a good thing.

There was even enough left to make a small ramp for our new puppy, Scout, to get on and off our deck and into the backyard. At 2 1/2 pounds, Scout is a bit small to use the steps (although she may get closer to the 5-7 pound range once grown).

I'm always amazed when young chicks hit the ground how quickly they just instinctively know that they are chickens, and that they should scratch, peck, and eat what they can find.

Up next? Building our new large composter. We have started pulling apart some pallets to get the necessary lumber. Was nice to be able to do that...a good test for the healed arm, for sure.

I have a week's vacation planned next week....hopefully the weather holds and that allows for some significant progress on several projects. That'll be fodder for another blog post soon enough!

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