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The Coop - Exterior Tour

The coop exterior is in great shape (there is literally ONE board on the exterior I'll have to replace) and came equipped with a lot of what I'll need to get started.

The metal roof has a nice slant to direct water and snow off. Up near the roof on both sides is a nice open area covered with chicken wire for ventilation.

Here is a look at the back of the coop, where the "people door" is:

I'm going to need to build some steps to make getting up and down there easier. I don't bend that far anymore!

Here is the "chicken door" setup, which I think is just ingenious:

The bottom section of the coop on both long sides is made up a series of flip-up doors. There are five on each side, and they are built to flip up and give the chickens a way to get in and out.

Here's a photo with one of the door open:

I love this setup because it's going to make it easy to get chickens in and our of the coop on either side, with as many or as few open doors as desired. I could see having a different number of doors open depending on weather, season, or predator conditions.

I will probably build small outdoor roost/steps setup to make it easier for the birds to get in and out of the coop (it's 36" from the ground to the floor, so a decent jump). I think these doors will also make cleanup easier, as well.

I'm sure I'll have more tidbits to share on the coop exterior in the future, but I hope you enjoyed the little tour!

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