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Week of June 7th: Three Pickups

It was another busy week around the farm! Our vinyl fence installation got completed early this week, which really changes the feel of the yard for the better - much more privacy and security for the family and the livestock. Great to get the enabling projects we had lined up for the spring complete. Still plenty of projects to go, but the fence feels like a milestone!

On Wednesday, things started in earnest with a drop off of three dozen eggs at the church (and grabbing a little food waste), and a pickup of trash bags full of overripe fruit at the food pantry. Check out the photo above for a view of the fruit encircling the compost pile. Whatever doesn't get eaten will get mixed into the pile this weekend. You can also see the new fence in the background.

Then, on Friday morning I went to pick up a small-ish (maybe not small, but "manageable") at the food pantry. That's the first photo below...the white box and white bags are all lettuce, the brown boxes bagels, the black trash bags fruit. So, a nice mix.

They mentioned they'd likely have more in the afternoon, so I headed back over after work. This was a bigger load, as seen in the second picture below. Looks like quite a mix of things...lots of strawberries, salad, cut fruit, green beans, and other things.

I expect we'll spend a good bit of Saturday unloading and processing the waste into the run and bulking up the pile with carbon.

Speaking of bulking up the pile...I'm hoping to move the big coop in the back run next weekend, so will be pulling a bunch of leaves out of that part of the run to bulk up the pile. Also will be moving some compost/dirt out to use in various projects around the property. I need to get the ground around that coop down to solid ground so we can move it to it's new home.

Once it's moved, it'll be some fence post holes to dig, a couple more gates to build, and some more fencing. What was that I said about getting projects done?

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