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Week of May 24th Pickups and Drop-Offs, Rooster Rehome

This week, everything fell on Wednesday. In one trip, I dropped off 5 dozen eggs at the church (and picked up a bag of stale kale) and then headed to the food pantry to fill the truck.

I picked up a lot of greens, including kale, some cilantro, a little dill, plus cucumbers, more corn, and some cabbage.

When I showed up, they joked with me that I need a bigger truck. If I had the time and space, I could have filled the truck 3 or 4 times with what they have available.

No shortage of food waste out there, folks.

Also this week, we re-homed our roosters. One of the dozen leghorns we bought for $1 each turned out to be a rooster, despite them being all "pullets". 1 out of 12 isn't bad, honestly...sexing young chicks is NOT easy.

Also, two of the bantam chicks we hatched out were also roosters. They were starting to crow, so it was time to go! While roosters can have value for breeding and (in theory) protecting the flock from predators, they are loud. We prefer to stay on the neighbor's good side, not to mention WE don't like the extra noise.

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