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Leghorns on Compost

I had the leghorn chicks fenced into their own little run area away from the main flock and the compost pile since they moved to the coop. I had a few hoping the fence into the big run since it's not an ideal setup, and the adult flock seemed to be tolerating them without any bullying.

The leghorns are now around 11 or 12 weeks old (hard to believe, they should be laying in a month to 6 weeks). I figured it was time to get them on some compost and see what they thought.

Early returns...they love it! It really is amazing just how quickly chickens figure out that they're chickens. The above photo shows a few of the leghorns enjoying the pile. Our Delaware hen appears to be supervising and seems happy enough to share the pile with the youngins.

Since the leghorns are a few weeks away from getting their own run (it requires a few other projects to get done first) this will get them a bit more room, a lot more compost, and hopefully cut down on feed costs.

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