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Morning Glories & Chickens on Grass

Back in late May, after putting the fence up in front of the big mobile coop, I built a chicken compost flower bed with dirt from the back coop.

I planted it out with some morning glory seeds, mint seeds, and some celery and leaf lettuce transplants. The lettuce and celery have been making great snacks for our rabbits, with a few scraps thrown to the chickens. Interestingly, the goats have no interest in the lettuce.

As you can see from the photo above, the morning glories are coming in nicely.

I had been meaning to let the chickens into the area around the mobile coop, which is between the main chicken run and the goat pen, as there is nice grass growing in there. I had been trying to get some chicken wire to put along the fence to keep the chickens from tearing up the flower bed.

My local Tractor Supply hasn't had chicken wire in many weeks, so I improvised and used some old welded wire fence scraps to put up a fence about a foot behind the fence with the morning glories on it.

That allowed me to let the chickens into the grassy area, which they are enjoying very much.

Over the next few weeks, I hope to get a bit more fencing done, and the large compost area built. Look for more updates as that work takes shape!

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