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Week of 6/21 Pickups & Drop Offs

After three pickups the week of June 7th, the pile had grown quite large and had a LOT of food waste in it.

We decided to give the pile a week to rest, so didn't pick up any compost the week of June 14th. As it ended up, I didn't get a chance to do an egg drop that week, either. I actually was at the transfer station Wednesday night disposing of several large bags of recyclable plastic containers from the prior week's food waste pickups. It was nice to see all that waste that was landfill bound going into the "recycle" category.

After a week of rest, the pile is BIG (see photo above) but much more in balance than it had been, so I was happy to have given it a little time to "cook". Thankfully, we were cleaning a lot of leaf litter out of the back run, so we were able to mix that in to provide sufficient carbon for all those "greens" we added.

Well, it's a new week, so when the food pantry called on Tuesday, I was happy to go pick up what they had. I was also happy that it wasn't a HUGE pile of waste (see photo below). In fact, I may do a second small load from them Thursday or Friday.

I also got to the church on Wednesday night and was able to donate 8 1/2 dozen eggs since I didn't do a donation last week. That was nice!

Other than that, the big news for the last couple weeks is the run clean-out and coop move, which I'll highlight in upcoming blog posts.

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