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Week of May 17th - Pickups & Drop-Offs

Updated: May 25, 2020

In addition to finishing up the pen for our new baby goats, the week of May 17th also saw the usual drop-offs and pick-ups.

On Monday, I got a call about a load of stale sweet corn at the food pantry, and headed out to pick it up. The chickens really enjoyed the corn, and I gotta say, ears of corn are great for the system. The chickens loved eating the corn kernels, but also really eat a lot of the silk. The cobs and husks are great carbon additions to the compost pile.

On Wednesday, we brought 4 dozen eggs to the church pantry and got a small bag of carrots and greens that were out of code.

On Friday, I got another call from the food pantry. Between Friday and Saturday, I picked up 8-10 cases of collard greens, and a similar amount of overripe bananas. Then there was the baby cereal. More on that in another post.

Overall, a really amazing amount of food waste was rescued from the landfill this week, and we were able to donate a few eggs, as well.

We're still in year zero, but I'm starting to see that getting enough food waste to make this system work at full capacity is not going to be a problem. If anything, keeping up with enough carbon for the piles might be.

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